Every holiday season, Susie and I use our homemade Halloween costumes from that year and incorporate ourselves into album covers, TV show posters, etc. Embarrassing...but entertaining.

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YEAR: 1998    COSTUME: Kiss' Ace Frehley (Steven) & Peter 
				Criss (Susie)<P>IMAGE USED: Destroyer album coverYEAR: 1999    COSTUME: 
				Seventies Disco<p>IMAGE USED: Saturday Night Fever album coverYEAR: 2000   
				 COSTUME: Gilligan (Steven) & Maryann (Susie)<P>IMAGE USED: Gilligan's Island cast photoYEAR: 2001    COSTUME: Popeye (me) & Olive Oyl (Steven)<P>IMAGE USED: Popeye cartoon
YEAR: 2002   
				 COSTUME: John Lennon (Steven) & Yoko Ono (Susie)<P>IMAGE USED: Wedding Album coverYEAR: 
				 2003    COSTUME: Peter Pan (Susie) & Tinkerbelle (Steven)<P>IMAGE USED: Original IllustrationYEAR: 2004    COSTUME: Daryl Hall (Steven) & John Oates (me)<P>IMAGE USED: based on the Everything You Desire album single.YEAR: 2005    COSTUME: Larry (Steven), Curley (Sadie) & Moe (Susie)<P>IMAGE USED: based on a Three Stooges movie 
YEAR: 2006    COSTUME: The Wonder Twins, Zan (Steven), Jayna (Susie) & their 
				monkey, Gleek (Sadie)<P>IMAGE USED: based on an animation opening frame.YEAR: 2007    COSTUME: Billie Jean King (me), Bobby Riggs (Steven) & a Wilson 
				tennis ball (Sadie)<P>IMAGE USED: inspired by promotions for the 1973 Battle of the SexesYEAR: 2008    COSTUME: Bert (Steven), Ernie (Susie) & Abby Cadabby (Sadie)<p>IMAGE USED: Sesame Street cast photo, 3D illustrationYEAR: 2009    COSTUME: Superwoman (Susie), Clark Kent (Steven) & Supergirl (Sadie)<p>IMAGE USED: based on Superman poster, 3D illustration
YEAR: 2010    COSTUME: George Jetson (Steven), Jane Jetson (Susie), Judy Jetson (Sadie) & Elroy Jetson (Henry) 
				<P>IMAGE USED: based on the Jetsons TV show adYEAR: 2011    COSTUME: Andy Warhol (Steven), Edie Sedgwick (Susie), Marilyn Monroe (Sadie) & Campbell's Soup Can (Henry) 
				<P>IMAGE USED: based on the Andy Warhol's artworkYEAR: 2012    COSTUME: Willie Nelson (Henry), Crystal Gayle (Sadie), Johnny Cash (Steven) & Dolly Parton (Susie) 
				<P>IMAGE USED: based on various artists' albumsYEAR: 2013    COSTUME: Wreck It Ralph (Henry), Vanellope von Schweet (Sadie), Fix-It Felix, Jr. (Steven) & Sergeant Calhoun (Susie) 
				<P>IMAGE USED: based on Disney's Wreck It Ralph Movie PosterYEAR: 2014    COSTUME: Chewbacca (Steven), Han Solo (Susie), Princess Leia (Sadie) & Luke Skywalker (Henry) 
				<P>IMAGE USED: based on an original Star Wars posterYEAR: 2015    COSTUME: Willy Wonka (Steven), Charlie (Henry), Veruca Salt (Sadie) & the Oompa Loompas (Susie)
				<P>IMAGE USED: based on the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie poster